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linksys faq

o Linksys smart wifi router’s wireless network is easily manageable and for diagnosing connectivity issues on your Linksys smart wifi network, you must troubleshoot the network. o Troubleshooting of the network is possible with the Troubleshooting Tool as it contains the router’s current status along with the status of connected devices.
The new models of the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers don’t have the option to disable SSID broadcast but you can secure as well as personalize the wireless network through login with the wireless tool of the Linksys cloud account.
Yes, it is as the Guest access and Parental controls are available only in the Linksys smart wifi router’s web-based setup page. You can access the web based setup page through Linksys smart wifi router login utilizing the web login.
This message usually appears when your connections to the Linksys smart wifi router are not proper. You can solve the issue by: o Try to reconnect by affixing the router’s wireless network connections. o Change the Linksys smart wifi login password or else correct one. o Reset the Linksys smart wifi router and try Linksys smart wifi setup once again.
Yes of course, Your Linksys smart wifi router is capable of either an automatic or manual firmware upgrade. o For manual upgrade, you must download the firmware version first from the Linksys Support Site and then upgrade by accessing the Administration on settings page to continue firmware upgrade through login.
o For this, you must first interface with Linksys smart wifi router login via o Access the router’s web based setup page. o Select the Wireless tab and turn the toggle switch to OFF to disable the Wi-Fi..
Firmware updates on any routers help to fix bugs or any technicality issues on a router. For any outdated firmware, your Linksys smart wifi router’s network connected devices may have connection issues. o You must update the firmware either through automatic or manual upgrade following Linksys smart wifi login.
Linksys Smart Wi-Fi has the special ability to be able to access your home network settings as well as other networking functions as Linksys Smart Wi-Fi functions on the web allowing you to access it anywhere with an internet access. You just need to access to log into your Linksys cloud account.
It is possible on the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers as Linksys smart wifi network gives you free Parental Controls permitting you to limit the access to the internet along with other specific websites for individual devices.
To secure the Linksys smart wifi access, you must get through login and enter the web based setup page. Access the wireless settings from the setup page and re-create them from default input values to create a secure wifi.