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Linksys Router Setup

How To Setup Linksys Router

Setup Linksys router without app

Linksys smart wifi routers can be setup without Linksys app using the smart setup wizard after accessing it through from a compatible web browser. As the smart setup wizard is supported by all the models of Linksys smart wifi routers, it makes easy to Linksys smart wifi setup automatically without any requirement of a setup CD or using additional software for setting up the Linksys smart wifi router.

Smart setup wizard setup – Linksys router setup

For smart wizard set up, it is possible to directly access the Linksys smart wifi router’s web based setup interface while proceeding through the Linksys router setup process without app. Essentials before setting up Linksys router for Linksys router setup and accessing Linksys smart wifi:-

1.  A must have Compatible web browser that supports Linksys.

2.  Material required – Linksys smart wifi router, Ethernet cables and a computer connected to wifi.
3. Active wifi connection.

Setting up basic connections on Linksys router prior to Linksys router setup

  1. Attach the wifi external antennas to the router ports.
  2. Plug in the Linksys router to the power source.
  3. Switch on the router by setting the switch to ON position.
  4. Let the power LED indicate solid and stable light.
  5. Connect the modem to the Linksys smart wifi router at internet port with an Ethernet cable.
  6. Setup connects between computer and Linksys router with an Ethernet cable at any of the four Ethernet ports (blue) on router.
  7. Alternatively, use wifi connection to connect your computer to the Linksys smart wifi router using the wireless connection default settings.
  8. Wireless network name SSID and password can be found on the bottom of router label.
Steps to Linksys router setup using smart setup wizard – via
  1. Open a web browser window on your computer.
  2. Navigate to Linksys smart wifi login default web address
  3. Enter the above address in the address bar to access smart setup wizard.
  4. Else, use default login IP address if you can’t launch smart setup wizard with
  5. On the prompt window, tick the checkbox to accept license terms to use the software.
  6. Click on Next link to move ahead.
  7. Linksys Smart wizard setup page is reached.
  8. If you prefer to configure your Linksys smart wifi router manually, click on the ‘I want to skip
    Setup’ link.
  9. This would allow manual configuration of Linksys smart wifi router and bypass the
    smart setup wizard process of Linksys router setup.
  10. If you prefer Setup of Linksys router using smart setup wizard, click on Next.

11. The web based setup interface of Linksys smart wifi router would open.

12. Go to the Settings link.

13. Click on the Connectivity option on settings page.

14. Go to the Basic and opt for Internet Connection.

15. Select the Edit option.

16. Configure the Settings as per the step wise instructions auto-launched by smart setup

17. Create new wireless settings – SSID and password to secure Linksys smart wifi network.

18. Click on Apply to save the configured settings.

19. The Linksys smart wifi Router would be setup without app.