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Linksys smart wifi configuration

How to configure Linksys smart wi-fi router?


Linksys smart wi-fi configuration

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router configuration allows the setting up of wireless network connection. The configuration is allowed through Linksys smart wi-fi setup or Linksys router setup. Linksys router setup is quite easy with the Smart Setup Wizard via Linksys router login access from a compatible web browser.

Prior to Linksys smart router setup and Linksys smart wi-fi configuration:-

Few essentials to be considered before beginning the Linksys smart wi-fi configuration;
  1. A supporting web browser
  2. Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router
  3. the Ethernet (RJ-45) cables for connecting hardware
  4. A computer for Linksys smart wi-fi login and configuration.
  5. A stable internet connection.

Linksys router setup and Linksys smart wi-fi configuration:-

  1. Fix the external antennas to the Linksys router at the specific antenna ports.
  2. Orient the antennas to align in all directions.
  3. Plug your Linksys smart wi-fi router to the power outlet and turn it on.
  4. Keep a check on the power switch; it should be set to ON position.
  5. The power LED indicator should display solid light.
  6. Connect the Ethernet cable from your modem at one of its end and to the WAN/Internet port of the Linksys router on the other end.
  7. Using the Ethernet cable, connect Linksys smart wi-fi router to the computer at any available LAN port.
  8. Alternatively, you could also connect the computer to the Linksys router with the router’s wi-fi making use of wireless settings.
  9. The default Wi-Fi credentials could be located from the bottom of the label of Linksys router or found in the Quick Start Guide.
How to configure Linksys smart wi-fi router?
  1. Launch a web browser window on your computer that must be connected to Linksys smart wifi network.
  2. Navigate through “” from the browser’s Address bar to access Linksys smart wifi login.
  3. On first time Linksys smart wi-fi login, it would directly launch the Smart Setup wizard.
  4. If wizard fails to auto-launch, try using the default IP address instead to enable Linksys router login or you could also use web address myrouter.local in the browser’s Address bar.
  5. Select the License Terms and agreement.
  6. Click Next to allow Login.
  7. To allow Linksys router setup manually, click on the Manual configuration link which would bypass the Smart Setup Wizard.
  8. There is an option “I want to skip Setup and configure my router manually”, click on it.
  9. Click on Next option.
  10. For Linksys smart wi-fi router setup using the smart setup wizard, select setup.
  11. The smart setup wizard auto launches.
  12. The smart setup wizard automatically does the Linksys smart wi-fi router configuration and detects the wireless internet settings.
  13. For DSL modem, the PPPoE connection would be setup and seeks information regarding the internet settings.
  14. click on Next,
  15. Create new Wi-Fi Name SSID along with Wi-Fi Password in the given fields for changing from default settings.
  16. Click on Next.
  17. Assign new SSIDs for both the 2.4 GHz band and the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band separately.
  18. It is also possible to assign one single wireless network name or SSID for both 2.4 and 5 GHz network bands; select “Give all my Wi-Fi bands the same name” as to do so.
  19. Continue ahead to connect to the new SSIDs configured of the Linksys smart wi-fi router.
  20. Access the setup wizard screen once again.
  21. Click on Next.
  22. You would be prompted to create Linksys smart wi-fi login password a router password field.
  23. Assign a strong Linksys router login password for login with alphanumeric characters.
  24. Click on Next.
  25. Your links smart wi-fi router gets set up and configured as well.
  26. The configured Linksys smart wi-fi settings password would be displayed on the setup completion screen along with the assigned login password.
  27. You could note down the new settings for future reference.
  28. Click Next.
  29. You would be prompted to Create Your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account page.
  30. Follow the onscreen steps to create the Linksys smart wi-fi account.
The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router setup along with configuration of Linksys smart wi-fi gets completed through the Smart Setup Wizard.