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Setup Linksys Wi-Fi Range Extender with a Modem Router

Setup Linksys Wi-Fi Range Extender

Setup Linksys Wi-Fi Range Extender with a Modem Router

In this article, we’ll confide in you the smallest amount difficult technique to line up the range
extender with the house router. As well if it’s not all that much difficulty intentionally read the
directions to set up your extender viably.

Fundamental Requirements to Setup your Linksys range extender with the
house router:-
1. Modem Router’s Wi-Fi Name
2. Modem Router Wireless Password

3. Modem Router IP address (
4. Extender Default Password (
5. WPS button if available on your router.

Now we should always discuss the Initial Setup of the Range Extender:-
1. Unbox the Extender package and remove all the gear from the box.
2. Attach the antennas available within the box with the wireless range extender carefully.
3. Connect your Wi-Fi range extender to the facility source.
4. Wait for the power LED on the Linksys extender to be solid green.
5. Once the facility LED on the front panel is stable green, you’re able to setup your extender

There are two simple techniques accessible for extender setup during this way, you’ll pick the
arrangement strategy as per your comfort. You can utilize the WPS setup procedure within the
event that you simply have the WPS button accessible on your home switch or another brand of
switch. As well as WPS technique is time efficient and exceptionally simple to perform. Indeed,
even a non-tech individual can setup the extender during a short time by means of the WPS
strategy. Follow the steps for extender.linksys.setup.
1. Reboot your home router and therefore the cable modem first.
2. Plug in the Extender to the power source and wait for the solid green power LED.
3. Look for the WPS button, it d get on the rear of the router. As well as presently prepare to
press the WPS button on the gadgets.
4. Press the WPS on the prevailing router and let it blink. Within two minutes, as well as press
the WPS button on the Linksys extender. If successful the facility LED of your extender turns to
solid blue.
5. Congratulations, Now you’ve effectively finished the procedure of the WPS strategy strategy
for the Linksys extender.
Now you’ve connected the Linksys Range extender to the router. We will confide in you the
straightforward technique to style your extender thus, you'll alter the settings as per your

1. Within the beginning, you would like a phone, computer or iPad to line up your extender.
2. Next, find one among your latest browser installed on your computer.
3. Enter web address within the URL bar of the online program. By any
chance if you’re not able to see the page, enter IP
address to reach the setup portal.
4. Enter the default login credentials for the wireless Linksys range extender. The default
username and the password is administrator.
5. You’ll be redirected to the Linksys Extender Setup page after clicking on the submit button.
6. Presently, you’ll pick the modes (Access point or Extender Mode) as per your requirements.
7. Now await the web portal to scan your home wireless networks. You can select your 2.4GHz
and 5GHZ Linksys wireless network.
8. Look for your home Wi-Fi within the list of the available networks and enter the safety key
for the house router
9. It’s also beneficial to customize the wireless settings of the extender so you'll recognize the
extender as a special wireless name and therefore the password.
10. Tap on apply to save lots of all the customized settings and finish the extender setup. As well
as you can also update the firmware on page if you’re using an old Linksys
Range extender.

Anytime, just in case you’re not able to setup your extender with the remote or WPS technique
then you’ll attempt with the Ethernet association. Associate your PC or laptop with the Linksys
Range extender via a network cable or LAN cable. As well as go to arrange settings on your PC
and check the status of the Ethernet association. Note down the IPv4 address from the status
window and sort the IP address within the address bar of the browser and press enter. You’ll be
redirected to the page and follow an equivalent instructions to setup your
extender as we explained above. may be a web portal of the WiFi range extender from where you'll access
the wireless settings and tools of your extender. Access the smart setup with the assistance of IP address within the browser to line up the range extender. Fix the refused to attach issue with the default IP address. An extender setup is
formed simple using the setup portal. If you would like to automatically found out the wireless
range extender and don’t want to urge into the effort of manual setup then the setup portal gives
you the right direction to line up the router automatically.

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