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Introduction to Linksys Connect :


Router configuration has become very smooth with the help of Linksys connect( You just need to spend your few minutes in order to process with the configuration of your router and with the help of instructions you can get your computer or any of the wireless devices connected to the WiFi. In order to secure and maintain your WiFi, this software provides you with more powerful tools for example Security Settings, Guest Access, Parental Control and advanced settings.

Make sure about the requirements mentioned below before processing with any step:

  • In case of computers: be assured about your computer and operating systems.
  • Accessories required are as:
  1. You must have Linksys WiFi router {}
  2. You need two Ethernet(RJ-45) cables
  3. CD for Linksys connect setup
  4. Your computer must have an Ethernet port and CD drive.

linksys connect

linksys connect
linksys connect

Active Internet connections:

 You need to connect the modem with your computer with the help of Ethernet cable In order to check your Internet connectivity. In case of non-availability for Modem, you can also connect the cable that is given by your Internet Service provider to the Ethernet port in your computer.

Once you are fulfilled with all the requirements you may proceed for setup as per the instructions given below:

Step 1:

You need to embed the Linksys Connect setup CD in the computer’s CD drive, now you will see a pop up window arriving there you need to click on Setup your Linksys Router. If in case you don’t find anything than you need to double click on Computer or My Computers icon on your desktop. You will see the Icon for WiFi, Double click on the same and this will start the process instantly.

Step 2:

Now you will find some links given you need to click on the same these links consist of information about license terms and other descriptions and at the left bottom part of the screen, you will see the option to select the language for the setup. Now click Next for proceeding further.

Step 3:

Once you have followed the step 1 and 2 from the setup screen. You will see the option Show me how, this option will help you to know more about the process of connecting your router to the computer.

 Step 4:

 The next window will intimate you about the process that is already in process. Make sure you do not close the windows in between.

 Step 5:

Your Network will be allotted with an Automatic WiFi name and a new password, keeping the concern for your network security. It is suggested to make changes in your Routers WiFi name and Password.


Try to keep the password and WiFi name simple and strong as this kind of names and password will be easier for you to remember and in order to make them bit complicated as well as easy to recall try to add numeric and letters and symbols. Once you completed with the changes for your WiFi Router click on Next.

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